Book Club

Slow streets will require a lot of maintenance during the initiation until people grow accustomed to them. The applications and ways we will handle slow streets are in phases which are info, outreach, application, outreach, installation & continuous monitoring with feedback.

There is another applicant who submitted streets around 4th & Catalina but from the two days we have monitored even though those streets are not our responsibility has not been organized. The only information we have is they are a book club so with our own efforts & time we have gone a substituted the applicants monitoring. We will keep monitoring and fixing the slow streets to learn from experience as well as ensure we get onsite feedback from people. There is a lot that wasn’t done right and more to be done.

If it’s possible we will overtake the slow streets installation here to ensure we are able to ensure program goes better on the following days.

Some issues:

  • Signs moved away
  • Signs knocked down
  • Signs posted ripped off
  • No outreach
  • Applicant hard to find