Koreatown Slow Streets

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May 30 on 4th & Catalina

City officials launched the Slow Streets program. This program places signs and temporary barricades on assigned residential streets to provide improved access to the local community.

Update: LADOT seems to have stopped slow streets program due to funding. There is a city motion to make them permanent. More updates soon.

With slow streets it still allows local traffic to pass at lower speeds and with this, the community can enjoy various activities. From running, cycling, playing, and many activities the community would like to do. As quarantine rules are lifted sidewalks will be crowded and to ensure the six feet rule slow streets provide an ideal opportunity.

5th & Hobart

The changes are temporary and allow the community to ease out of quarantine by providing space to ensure social distancing and not limiting activities.

Catalina & San Marino

Other neighborhoods interested in bringing Slow Streets can look into LADOT Slow Street form to view what’s required. An NC or an ORG can be the sponsoring party. The only ask is for volunteers to monitor and ensure smooth installation and operation for the communities benefit.