As a sponsor

With a population over 100k & the lack of green space. Slow streets will be wonderful to provide space to the community to use for various activities.

KIWA 501c3 has sponsored the south loop for Koreatown. The application has been filled and we’re currently awaiting confirmation.

As a sponsor there are two main functions & one small task. Filling the LADOT application for slow streets is a small task. In order to help, Streets For All has designed which streets would be most beneficial to implement. This was done through Adriane Hoff who is an advocate & a member of Streets for All. She frequently goes around the community as a cyclist and knows first hand how Koreatown’s streets operate.

Volunteers are required to ensure the operation is run smoothly and any reports are made to LADOT. Outreach & promotion of slow streets to the community in order to promote or to get feedback is the other part. Everything else is taken care of by LADOT.

Questions, comments & inquires can also be filled via the feedback link provided on the page.