Welcome to the Koreatown Slow Streets program. I’m sure you’ve heard or read about it. If not visit the main page. As we are engaging with LADOT on details about the program we need the community’s help to ensure the program runs smoothly while it’s installed. The work required is quite simple and won’t be taking too much time or effort. As we finalize details and information to share with the community.

As a Volunteer

Once the program is installed we will need active volunteers to be taking part in the slow streets or going at their preferred time to view that the signs are up & report feedback through the form. As we have monitored and heard feedback from other areas we hear sometimes signs are moved, vandalized, knocked down, broken or unsafe activity is going on.
The best way to volunteer is to be part of the program while walking, jogging, running, cycling, or other active activities. If you notice something either fix it or report for other serious concerns.

The volunteers are not policing or acting as hall monitors but rather volunteers who fix signs or report feedback through the programs life to ensure it’s not revoked.

Due to program requirements, only neighbors who live in Koreatown can be volunteers & partake in Koreatown Slow Streets.