Welcome to Koreatown Slow Streets, as a volunteer there are important things we’ll be doing to help the success of the program for our community.


As we might notice, some signs are often knocked down, displaced, or broken. The minimal effort is to fix the signs as best we can. Should the sign be broken, disappear, vandalized or anything making the sign unusable then it will be reported through a form so we can notify LADOT. This will let LADOT know what signs to replace.

We aren’t hall monitors and the safety of the volunteers is the most important thing. If heavy traffic or unsafe environment is present that prevents fixing then reporting is recommended so a group with proper safety equipment can handle it.


You’ll get the latest updates, feedback, and anything we hear from LADOT & local neighbors. Some neighbors might not hear about the program due to various reasons. It’s why if we see or hear people talking or asking questions, we do our best to provide them some insight into the program. We are continuously working with the community to do outreach so feel free to grab graphics from the page & post on your personal accounts or just simply mention it to your neighbors.


We’ll often see questions, concerns, or comments in regards to the program. To ensure we can consolidate this feedback we can request people to submit feedback via this website. Engaging in discussions is welcomed unless people come hostile which you can forward these comments to our social media accounts.


  • Emails slowstreets@kparking.app
  • Text (213) 306-1148 (English & Spanish)
  • Text (213) 277-3600 (Korean)

Phone numbers only record voicemails & send messages.